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The primary goal of Stepping Stone Kids Therapy is to provide services to children and their families with quality care, and individualized therapy using the principles of ABA therapy in a variety of settings to ensure the desired outcomes.

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Applied Behavior Analyst


Evaluations with ABLLS-R


Behavior Intervention Plan


Daily Living Skills

What is ABA?

As defined by Baer, Wolf, & Risley,. “Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of systematically applying interventions based upon the principles of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors to a meaningful degree, and to demonstrate that the interventions employed are responsible for the improvement in behavior.“

Social significant behaviors include skills, such as communication, reading, academics, social skills, and adaptive living skills. Adaptive skills are referred to as self-help skills that involve gross and fine motor skills, along with toileting, personal hygiene, eating, home, work, and community skills. In addition, target behaviors are assessed within relevant settings, such home, community, and school. ABA utilizes single case experimental design to assess the effectiveness of the behavior intervention plan, which is an important element based on ABA methodologies. Research has demonstrated that the use of ABA can increase desired behaviors, and decrease undesirable behaviors by replacing with appropriate behaviors.

Baer, D.M., Wolf, M.M., & Risley, T.R. (1968). Some current dimensions of applied behavior analyis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. 1, 91-97.

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